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Staff Directory

KT Murphy Elementary School Staff Directory

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Administration / Office Support Staff

Name Title Phone
Ms. Prendergast Principal 203-977-4516
Mrs. Fisco Assistant Principal 203-977-4516
Dr. Nargi Teacher Leader for Student Support 203-977-4516
Mrs. O'Hagan Office Support Specialist 203-977-4516
Ms. Escalante Office Support Specialist 203-977-4516

Cafeteria Staff

Name Title Phone
Nafie Gjetzj Cafeteria Staff

Ms. Roldan

Cafeteria Manager 203-977-5215

Custodial Team

Name Title Phone
Mr. Kopec Custodian
Mr. Norman Head Custodian (A.M.) 203-977-5757
Mr. Richichi Custodian
Mr. Walsky Night Head Custodian (P.M.)

Health Services

Name Title Phone
Ms. Tsouris School Nurse (203) 977-4518
OPEN Dental Hygienist (203) 977-6691

Support Staff

Name Title Phone
Mrs. DeFiore Sp. Ed. Resource 203-977-4516
Mr. Todd Sp. Ed. Resource 203-977-5536
Ms. Ross Sp. Ed. Resource 203-977-4516
Ms. Reimer Sp. Ed. Resource 203-977-4516
Mrs. Lockwood ELL 203-977-4516
Mrs. Richards ELL 203-977-4516
Ms. Leighton-Smith ELL 203-977-4516
Mrs. Pingelski BOE Literacy 203-977-4516
Ms. Porfilio Literacy 203-977-4516
Mrs. Sanislo Native Language Teacher 203-977-4516
Mrs. Vallejo Title I Math Teacher 203-977-5266
Ms. Sweeney Physical Therapist 203-977-4516
Ms. Dubin Occupational Therapist 203-977-4516

Parent Facilitator

Name Title Phone
Samantha Beco Parent Facilitator (Speaks Spanish) 203-977-5550

PPT Team

Name Title Phone
Ms. Barton Speech Pathologist 203-977-6118
Mrs. Houser School Social Worker 203-977-6132
Mrs. Westhelle School Psychologist/IEP compliance 203-977-5121

Para Educators

Name Title
Ms. James SPED Para-Educator
Ms. O'Connor SPED Para-Educator
Ms. Intrieri SPED Para-Educator
Ms. Papadakos SPED Para-Educator
Mrs. Sittol-Keddo SPED Para-Educator
Mrs. Vartuli SPED Para-Educator
Ms. West SPED Para-Educator
SPED Para-Educator
Mrs. Aldrich SPED Para-Educator
Ms. Jaeger SPED Para-Educator

Intern/Student Teacher

Name Title Phone
OPEN Intern/Student Teacher


Name Title Phone
Ms. McGovern - Rm. 32 Teacher
Ms. Okun - Rm. 33 Teacher
Mrs. Nickerson - Rm. 30 Teacher 
Mrs. Viggiano - Rm. 31 Teacher & Grade Level Leader
Ms. Sempey - Rm. 10 Teacher
Mrs. Considine Instructional Para-Educator
Mrs. McAuliffe Instructional Para-Educator
Mrs. Mulcahy Instructional Para-Educator

First Grade

Name Title Phone
Mrs. Febbraio - Rm. 4 Teacher & *Co-Grade Level Leader
Mrs. Romaniello - Rm. 12 Teacher & *Co-Grade Level Leader
Miss Carlucci - Rm. 6 Teacher
Mrs. Tamburro - Rm. 8 Teacher
Miss Eydelman - 15 Teacher

Second Grade

Name Title Phone
Mrs. Bendell - Rm. 41 Teacher
Mrs. Brown - Rm. 19 Teacher
Mrs. Forman - Rm. 21 Teacher & *Grade Level Leader

Third Grade

Name Title Phone
Mrs. Arcano - Rm. 14 Teacher
Mrs. Potochney - Rm. 16 Teacher & *Grade Level Leader
Miss Perloe - Rm. 18 Teacher

Fourth Grade

Name Title Phone

Mrs. Silano - Rm. 24

(formally Miss Arcano)

Ms. Buchta - Rm. 23 Teacher & *Grade Level Leader
Ms. Sosa - Rm. 22 Teacher

Fifth Grade

Name Title Phone
Miss Brice - Rm. 27 Teacher
Mrs. Bush - Rm. 44 Teacher & *Grade Level Leader
Mr. Jones - Rm. 26 Teacher
Mr. Ormaza - Rm. 29 Teacher


Name Title Phone Other
Ms. Nolasco Teacher 203-977-4516 Website/Instagram
Ms. Sanchez (M, T, Th, F) Teacher 203-977-4516

Technology Integration Support Specialist

Name Title Phone
Mrs.Santiago Technology Integration Support Specialist 203-977-5334


Name Title Phone
Ms. Gagne Teacher 203-977-4516
Mr. Stoodt (M, W) Teacher  203-977-4516

Physical Education

Name Title Phone
Mr. Lopiano Teacher 203-977-4516
Mr. Martino Teacher 203-977-4516


Name Title Phone
Laura Cruz President N/A
Crystal Taroc Co-Vice President
Jassenia Palma Co-Vice President
Lydia O'Hagan Treasurer
Victoria Gjelevic


OPEN Secretary
OPEN Co-Secretary
Chelsea Romaniello Teacher Rep 
Claudia McGovern Teacher Rep
Rossana Nargi Teacher Rep
OPEN Hospitality
OPEN Hospitality